I have encountered so many fantastic women who are stuck in quicksand that they themselves made. They literally poured the mud and the cement and stepped in side and then when you ask them why they did it, they have a look on their faces like a deer in the headlight. They don’t know. They don’t know how they got where they are, how they are going to get out and how they are going to avoid the pitfalls that got them their in the first place. Most people I know are stuck like this out of fear; fear of growing, fear of changing, fear of disappointing others, fear of failure, fear of the truth and just fear of failure. How many American people are overweight because they are afraid of giving up the thing that comforts them the most, their food? How many people are afraid of quitting smoking because they fear they will lose their best friend, the cigarette? How many? MANY!


The first step to overcoming these fears is to make a conscious decision to make a change. To want or need something is usually not enough of a motivator for people, it is usually a realization that comes up that makes you go “aha”, this is it. You can see this with every weight loss success story or every person that quit smoking cold turkey, they have a moment of clarity and they just go for it. For many of my female clients who have the weight of the world on their shoulders and find themselves in a pile of quicksand every day, their “aha” moment either comes when they are so stressed out they can’t function, they are so overwhelmed at depressed they need medication to function or they got a check up at the doctors office to find out their blood pressure is so high they are in a danger zone. I can honestly tell you that having a little bit of fear in you is a good thing, it will hopefully keep you out of trouble, but if you don’t overcome the fears that are holding you back they can overtake you. What are you afraid of? What is that fear keeping you from doing? Who can you talk to about ways to overcome that fear? Figure out who is on your team and you will be able to move mountains, lose weight, quit smoking, manage your work, manage your life and ultimately find that balance that you need and deserve.





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