Autism Website Features Warren's Brielle LaCosta's Commentary

Former Miss NJ continues to advocate for autistic causes.

Following news reports Adam Lanza, the man who entered Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtwon, Conn., on Friday and killed 26 children and adults, had been diagnosed as having autism, Warren resident Brielle LaCosta penned an update to her blog which is now featured on the website Autisable.com

The site is a collection of blogs aimed at providing "blogs from real people tackling the puzzle of autism," and LaCosta has been a contributor since January. She has been working to educate the public about autism since being named Miss New Jersey International 2010.

In her blog for Autisable, titled "Autism is NOT to Blame for Sandy Hook Elementary," LaCosta notes many people confused autism, a neurological disorder, with mental illness.

"People with Autism are more often than not the ones who are the victims, not the culprits," she wrote.

Read the full blog post on Autisable.com


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