Brrr...It's Going to Stay Cold and Icy in Warren

Photos of snow throughout the Warren, where extreme cold is expected to last through the weekend.

Warren's beautiful woods were even more magical in the snow. By Joe Sperling
Warren's beautiful woods were even more magical in the snow. By Joe Sperling
Like the snow and cold weather? One way or another, you'll have to get used to it. The National Weather Service was predicting that temperatures would dip to about 1 degree overnight into Thursday morning, with a high of about 22 degrees on Thursday — and possibly more snow.

Thursday into Friday night could get as cold as 3 degrees — with a chance of snow showers and overnight temperatures in the teens to predicted to last through the weekend.

Even so, people were out on Wednesday after Tuesday's snowstorm, whether shopping, shoveling — or, driving on roads that were mostly clear by the late afternoon. Students in Watchung Hills High School and Warren schools had a snow day on Wednesday — but were heading back to their classrooms on Thursday despite the continuation of the deep freeze.

Tell us how you coped with the snow and extreme cold in the comments section below. Do you have any tips for staying warm — and safe?


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