Patrol to Launch Shuttles at North Branch Park

The Civil Air Patrol will be saluting the NASA Space Shuttles.

Sometimes there's just not enough days in the week, but every Wednesday we'll give you an idea of something to do to relax, spend time with family and just take some time for yourself.

And this weekend's event is completely out of this world.

The Civil Air Patrol will be saluting the Space Shuttle with a special event at North Branch Park Saturday, as the members take shuttles they have built to model those created by NASA and launch them, all in one day.

The program will begin with the first launch at 10 a.m. as members of the Lone Eagle and Curtiss Wright Composite Squadrons launch five replica Space Shuttle model rockets a total of 135 times for each of the 135 actual shuttle launches. They will all be launched that day, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., each about five minutes after the previous one.

The shuttles will be launched in the order they were done by NASA, and the cadets who are members of the patrol will act as employees and contractors with NASA to set off the shuttles.

For more information about this program, or how to get involved with the Civilian Air Patrol that is an official auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, visit loneeagle.orgnjwg.cap.gov or gocivilairpatrol.com.


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