Titanic History Traced By Hillsborough Author

New discoveries continue to fascinate many.

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If you're fascinated by the story of the Titanic, register with the Hillsbrough Public Library for Saturday's "Titanic: The Story of a Great Ship" presentation, with Charles Haas, author and president of the Titanic International Society, and Hillsborough resident Robert Martorana. 

"This program traces Titanic’s story from its inception through its 1912 loss and its immediate aftermath," Haas said, noting he'll use archival photographs to show how the ship was built, then proceed with a visual visit aboard the lost liner for a grand tour of all three classes to show how passengers and crew members lived on board. "The events of her one-and-only voyage—from her near-collision upon departure to the fatal encounter with the iceberg and the poignant scenes of the liner’s evacuation—are illustrated."

Haas has co-written five books on the Titanic, including "Titanic: Triumph and Tragedy," "Titanic: Destination Disaster" and "Titanic, The Exhibition." His expertise is called on to host memorial cruises and he is a frequent speaker on the subject. 

The program will conclude with a discussion of the Titanic’s safety legacy and the recovery of its artifacts—including the story of a picture frame handed down in Martorana's family that is believed to have been made from wood from the ship.

The program will be presented at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, and you can register on the library's web page for events, or by calling 908-369-2200, ext. 12.


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