Scared 'Diva' Found on Mt. Horeb Road

Mayor Vic Sordillo helps rescue lost dog panicked by traffic.

A small and very cold Poodle mix dog was rescued by Mayor Victor Sordillo, Friday afternoon—who helped get the dog reunited with her owners.

Mayor Sordillo saw the dog, wearing a pink sweater with the word "Diva," running in traffic on Mt. Horeb Road near Har Shalom Temple. When he stopped his car and opened the door, the frightened dog immediately jumped into his car.

"Diva" was taken to the police headquarters while Mayor Sordillo scrambled to get the word out to find the dog's owner. Shortly after, it was reported the dog and her owners were reunited.

"If you saw this cute little dog, you would expect her owners to be panicking," Mayor Sordillo said.


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