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Verizon Wireless Employees Dig Wagner Farm Projects

About 60 employees from Warren office spend part of Friday helping prepare Community Garden and Brite Nites.

The bigger the garden, the more work there is to be done—and if you're planning a garden party as big as Wagner Farm Arboretum's annual Brite Nites, there's a ton of work needed.

Fortunately, Wagner Farm Director Suzanne Smith can count on help from the community, and on Friday, a contingent of helpers from Verizon Wireless stopped by an gave a big boost to preparations at the Community Garden and for Brite Nites.

"They did a lot—and not only that, they did the hard part," Giving Garden manager Ernie Cottrill said.

Smith noted the crew divided between the various projects underway at Wagner Farm, which made for an interesting workday for some. Richard Craig, Verizon's director of Engineering and Operations Support, helped several projects.

"I worked in the garden, and I worked in the graveyard—I was all over the place," he said.

Not a typical day at the office.

Verizon Vice President of Networking Technology Marjorie Hsu said today marked the second time she's brought a crew to help out—a group came in July 2011 to help in the Children's Garden.

"It's a great opportunity for us to come together as a team and give back to the community, " she said. 

The crew helped put up plastic sheeting around the pumpkin patch in the Children's Garden, mounted headstones for the patch's graveyard, and cleared about 20 plots in the Giving Garden.


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