Flying Dance Show the Creation of Local Man

Production hoping to garner enough funding to bring dance-over-water show to large audience.

A blend of fantasy and aquatic intrigue, Breaking Surface is a show that may push the boundaries of what theatre enthusiasts expect when they go to see a performance.

The producers of Breaking Surface, a production that incorporates flying and dancing over water, are hoping to bring the unique experience to a theatre soon, but first need to garner enough financial support to expand the show to a larger audience. In order for the project to be lifted off the ground, at least $12,000 needs to be pledged by Jan. 6.

"The piece combines theater with dance-acrobatics and flying to create a new voice; one that blends childhood dreams of superpowers with the ability to define one's own reality through deep imagining to life," according to a description of the show.

A 30-minute set of the show was previewed for an audience at the Brooklyn Lyceum in June 2011 and after seeing the positive response, producers decided to move forward with pursuing a larger-scale production of Breaking Surface. Breaking Surface is presented by AiRealistic, an aerial theater company that has worked with Cirque Du Soleil, Dancing With the Stars, with athletes in the Bejing Olympics and more.

The production is co-created by Bill Mulholland, of North Plainfield. Mulholland and co-creator Gwenyth Larsen also both co-founded AiRealistic. Mulholland has been featured in a number of productions himself, including current performances at the Metropolitan Opera. He was also a member of the U.S. National Olympic Team.


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