Residents Slow to Launch New Businesses in 2013

County records show only one trademark registration for Warren so far this year.

It can be hard to get a measurement on local economic conditions, but one indicator may be the number of people looking to start a new business—and if that's true, then 2013 is off to a slower start than 2012.

Searching the registration of trademarks with the county clerk's office in Somerville for new registrations for businesses that will be either based in Warren or owned by Warren residents yielded just one new registration between Jan. 1 and Feb. 26, 2013—a professional women's organization named KIT, to be based in Green Brook (Warren does not issue business licenses).

That's down from five in the same period in 2012, a possible indicator of local business development.

We'll check in with the county to watch how the numbers change this year.


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