Hard Water Caused By Project at Pump Station

Company says system is flushing out after work at Roselle station.

Some Warren residents have been complaining of finding hard water deposits on appliances and glassware recently, but New Jersey American Water officials say the problem should be short lived.

Acccording to the company's director of communicaitons Peter Eschbach, the minerals in the water causing the problems are the remnants of harder well-water pumped while work was being done on a pump station at Roselle. 

Eschbach said the "booster station," which pushes water from the company's Millstone treatment plant up the Watchung Mountains, was taken out of service for a period of time for repairs.

When the station was off line, some Warren residents received water pumped from wells in Green Brook, which has a much higher mineral level than the surface water taken from the Raritan River that's usually pumped.

The , that caused many residents to complain.

Eschbach said the booster station work has been completed, and is again pumping water from the Raritan River to Warren—but said it may take a few days for the remaining well water to be fully washed out of the system. 


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