High School Graduation, Snow Removal Talk of the Town

We asked our Facebook friends what they're talking to their neighbors about this week.

We asked our friends on Warren Patch Facebook page and Warren Township Community Facebook page what they're talking to their friends and neighbors about this week, and found two big topics: Watchung Hills Regional graduation planning and snow removal by the township's Department of Public Works.

This week, the school's board of education set graduation for 5 p.m. June 21 after several weeks of discussions with parents, staff members and students. Before casting their votes, each board member gave a brief statement of their feelings about the discussions, and while all but one voted in favor of the date, several said they liked some of other times.

Here's what they had to say:

  • Sondra Fechtner: Said she was most disappointed by the "unreasonable, non-compromising" people in Trenton who did not make any allowances for school districts' calendars after Hurricane Sandy.
  • "Your student president came up with a very comfortable compromise for me."
  • Lisa DeMizio: "I'm in favor of a Friday graduation," but she added she was "struggling" with the time, preferring a 2 p.m. ceremony.
  • Chris Collins: "I'm amenable any compromise that doesn't take away a day of spring vacation."
  • Harold Grossnickle: Said he was in favor of the original 6 p.m. Thursday schedule, and felt a 2 p.m. Friday ceremony would be "an impossibility for many people."
  • Gerry Binder: Didn't like afternoon times, and noted that Board President Robert Horowitz opened the discussion by saying graduation is "for our students. So, I think given everything else, I'd lean towards what the students want."
  • Greg Przybylski: Noted the "whole experience was a learning experience," and that stakeholders weren't involved in early discussions. "And subsequently, we heard from those stakeholders."
  • Barry Hunsinger: "I support 5 p.m. Friday."
  • Laura Mandell: "I've neverbeen in favor of a daytime graduation."
  • Peter Falzarano: "God forbid the weather isn't good because if it isn't, the whole three-ring circus starts again as it has for the last three years."

As for the Department of Public Works—it's all blue sky and high praise for the work the crews have done in the recent snowstorms.

Steven Fried said snow removal in Warren "is always great."

"Lived in town for 20 years and have never had a complaint," he added. "They do a terrific job."

Those sentiments were repeated in a separate conversation on the Warren Township Community Facebook page, started by Jennifer Triarsi Archbold, who said township workers promptly repaired a mailbox damaged by a snow plow after a recent storm.

"Thank you for your prompt response," she said.

What about you? What are you talking to your friends and neighbors about this week? Tell us in the box below, or visit our Facebook page and join the conversation.


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