Keeping Babies Safe 5K Goal in Sight

But help needed for fundraising...and my training.

T is coming up, and I'm feel pretty confident I'll be ready for the event.

Let me clarify, however: as some readers will remember, , for the Watchung Hills Regional Municipal Alliance, and I'm not out to set any land speed records. Some of the walkers are likely to pass me, but I'm in it for the money, not the fame.

I do enjoy giving it my best shot to help support worthwhile charities—that's why I do it and why I'm hoping to encourage a few people to join me at the event.

Keeping Babies Safe has developed into one of the nation's leading educational sources for vital information for new mothers. Founder Joyce Davis said her group's message on infant sleep safety is reaching about 60 percent of new parents in the country—impressive, but it means there's still another 40 percent to get to.

The group has created a video to show in maternity wards that shares some of its life-saving information with parents as well as medical professionals.

That outreach effort by Keeping Babies Safe is what I'm hoping to really help support with my participation in the 5K. 

You can help by joining a team—such as my "Patch Parents" team—or by donating directly to Keeping Babies Safe

Either way, you know you'll be helping to provide safe cribs and information to newborns across the country.

And perhaps you can give me a little nudge to keep my training up: I'm hoping to get to a 10-minute mile...think we can do it?


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