School Make-Up Days, Cars Vandalized Top Local News

Sandy FEMA and OEM close in township also among top headlines.

The Warren Township Board of Education's plan to adjust the school calendar to make up for the days missed following Hurricane Sandy was the week's top story. The board decided to add Jan. 31, Feb. 14 and 15, and April 1 to the school calendar.

Other top stories included:

What You Need to Know About FEMA's Hurricane Response

This PSA included all the informaiton about how to contact FEMA, where to find FEMA and other important information.

Sandy OEM Response Closed in Warren

When township officials were confident all major power lines had been repaired in town, it was time to shut down the office that tracked the utilities' response, coordinated shelters, and kept residents up-to-date on what was happening.

Unfortunately, life getting back to normal included some criminal activity, according to township police.

VIDEO: How Warren's Power Came Back

We had been tracking the streets where power came back after the hurricane, and created a video to show the progress.


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