School District Urges Shielding Young Students from News

Statement issued noting counselors available should young children need.

The Warren Township School District sent the following message about the Connecticut school shooting this afternoon:

"Our hearts go out to the families, teachers, and community of today's Connecticut school shooting.   Tragedies such as this are beyond anyone's comprehension. When we hear news like this our first instinct is to hug our children and keep them close. We should do just that. However, it is especially important to maintain a normal routine. In addition, we should be prepared to reassure children that they are safe in our schools, that we have systems and plans in place to ensure their safety, and that our staff and students practice our security drills monthly. Minimal exposure to graphic images on the news is important for our young students. Safety is always our highest priority. We work closely with the Warren Township police to ensure that our safety and security plans are up to date. As students return to school next week,  guidance counselors will be available to reassure students. Feel free to reach out to your child's counselor or principal if you have specific concerns. We will work together to support our students and our school community."


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