Has Cleanup Left Anyone Else Disgusted?

To the editor

During this storm two large trees fell by my house near the street.  I called immediately after the storm and I was told to pile them on the curb and the township would come around to collect them; they did not have a date available.
After having no power for five days we removed the trees cut them and placed them by my mailbox, unlike others who left most of their brush in the street, blocking view from passing cars. 

Today I came home and found that all my neighbors trees and were brush were gone, but my pile was not touched.  My trees were the only ones left on the street. Was it because my pile was too large? Or maybe if I would have left the tree blocking the street my trees would have been taken away. I don't know what is more of an outrage, the hours we spent hours, cutting these trees and putting them into piles placing them out of harms way, or the fact they the trucks were in front of my house collecting all my neighbors debris and leaving mine behind.  When I called the number of public works a pre-recorded voice message said the trucks were only coming through once (so I guess that was my only chance to have this removed). Later today I saw a Warren Township chipper truck in another part of town and I went over to the men and asked why my house was the only one left with trees. They told me that they were only taking trees that fell 15 feet from the curb. I explained that we cut up the two trees and placed them there, I was told to call the township. I began wonder how did they enforce their so called criteria: did the men have a tape measure? How did they know my neighbors tress were 15 feet from the curb and not 9?

This is a total disgrace! Why do we pay taxes in this community?  We pay for our own garbage, have a volunteer fire department and have to pay for bulk pick up.

This was a devastating storm, my family as well as many others were displaced for five or more days days and incurred great expense in lost food and hotel bills, so for this township to pick and choose which house they are going to take the trees away from is a total outrage. The community of Mountainside had all their trees picked up from their township. What is the problem with Warren? Is it to much trouble to stick the trees in a chipper that are neatly piled when you are right there? Maybe what this town needs is more people to speak up?

Is anyone else disgusted?


Bill November 08, 2011 at 01:17 PM
like I have been saying the town does not care about its people. They are not picking up trees unless they are in the street. However they are pushing trees ontop peoples property so they don't have to pick them up. It has happened to me and others. Vote for change get rid of the bums and vote Sardis and Lontai.
Judy November 08, 2011 at 01:48 PM
It's a disgrace. I have emailed public officials and have received different answers from some and have never heard back from others. Two said that they will pick up debris that we bring within 10 feet of the curb and then the town administrator said they won't pick up debris that we bring to the curb. I wonder if anyone is in charge or it's the blind leading the blind or worse if no one cares. Some of our budget went to pay for a lawsuit against a judge...2.5 million of taxpayer dollars!! We need someone to step up and make some serious changes!
jack November 08, 2011 at 04:35 PM
Sell your house Bill.
Heather Trumpore November 08, 2011 at 05:02 PM
I agree with Judy's frustration. All the messages that were sent out clearly stated that debris that fell in the right of way along the road would be picked up and residents should not drag all the other debris to the right away because that would not be picked up. Yet there is no clear definition of what they considered the right of way - is it the area under the power lines, 15 feet from all curbs, township easements? I appreciated the town removing the limbs from my tree and neighbors that were hanging into the street that we still were waiting on people to come but they were not removed and thrown on the property. I assumed that meant they were not considered in the right of way and it was my responsibility. Yet when I drive through the area I now see the trucks chipping debris that homeowners left stacked by the side of the road and much of it clearly was not from trees next to the road, under the powers, and there are no easements there.
Bill November 08, 2011 at 07:36 PM
@Jack, why should I have to sell and move to another town to get the service I should get for the taxes I pay. That is the problem. The town of Warren is screwed up and needs to get fixed. Today starts the day we start the fixing up. Vote Sardis Lontai


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