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Make School Windows Bullet-Proof for Real Security

Letter to the editor

I am a retired special education high school teacher. I have been following all the articles on security in the schools. All the attention on this is great but why are we not looking at the classroom door?

Every class has the wood door with a window in it. A gunman could punch it out and easily open the lock.

Why not start where the children are and change each door to steel and every window with bullet proof glass. Then raise money with fundraisers in each town to make all school windows bullet proof. Just that would protect every child (30 kids huddled in a corner) from being shot.

I think the cafeteria, library and gym are huge targets. Those three rooms need metal detectors, all glass bullet proof, someone with an alert horn at the entrance.

Teachers have hall duty so lets take them away from sitting at the bathrooms doing schoolwork and put them at the entrance to these rooms. 

All the talk about having teachers carry guns is insane.. The killer would know to kill the teacher first then move on.

Also, I hate to say this, but I have taught with teachers that shouldn't even be in the classroom and then have a gun. Believe me when I tell you this. There will be a child who finds the gun or takes it from a teacher and uses it. I know that sounds crazy but after 28 years of teaching, it isn't that hard to figure out the one or two kids that would love to get their hands on a gun. 

Let's have town fundraisers and get on with keeping our kids safe.

Ellyn Sands


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