Move 'No Turn' Sign to Give Drivers a Chance

Letter to the editor

Now I am up for filling the Mountain Shadows Municipal coffers with money from motorists' fines.

Why now? We teach a perp a driving lesson and we get to lower our taxes [we do?]. But let's give the sucker an even break. My case in point is the "No turn on red" sign at the end of Mountainview Road at Mt. Bethel Road.

Now I know there is a sign on the right but to be fair the road is narrow there and motorists are paying attention to the narrow lanes and the traffic signals. If they have to stop, they are likely beyond the singular "No turn on red" sign and then, of course, turn right...into the arms of the waiting Mountain Shadows Traffic Swat Team.

To give the sucker an even break please just put up one more sign at eye level across the street or closer to the corner. Then I won't be tossing and turning all night feeling badly for the people that got a ticket.

Oh, Mountain Shadows? Why that is the new name for Warren Township named after a general who never stepped foot in the place.

Axxel Knutson


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