The National Art Honor’s Society

On Wednesday, December 4th, about thirty students from Watchung Hills Regional High School will be inducted into the WHRHS’s chapter of the National Art Honor’s Society. Chosen for their outstanding works in visual and 3-D art, these students will attend a small ceremony, with family and supportive teachers, where they will formally be inducted, display their works, and be able to munch on a few snacks. Most, if not all, of these students participate in the prestigious AP art classes that Watchung Hills offers. These classes include, AP 2D design, AP Conceptual Photo, and independent studies. With the chance to take these specific art courses, students are provided with more personalized and challenging art classes that help them develop as both artists and students. In the case that students wish to further their artistic experience in college, these art classes enable them to adapt to a more concentrated study and more specialized attention. This induction will allow students to showcase some of their best artwork, as they are recognized as a vital part of the WHRHS National Honors Society community.


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