Vote for Progress—Vote for Lazo and Marion

To the editor

We are writing this letter to highlight an opportunity to effect positive evolution in our town by changing fully two of our five Township Committee members to Republicans Mick Marion and George Lazo.  

Their energy and enthusiasm will bring Warren Township to the next level in terms of supporting the requirements of young families and active adults alike. For an upscale town, Marion/Lazo understand our parks and ball fields remain inadequate.  Enhancing land already owned to create paths for walking, cycling and even a dog park can be achieved for a manageable expense while benefitting virtually all constituents.

Turfing the front field at Duderstatd would materially enhance the recreational landscape in a cost efficient manner as the roads, parking, and general field scope are all in

In addition to recreational enhancements, Marion/Lazo believe continuous improvement in our school system to benefit our children and buoy property values for all homeowners remains critical. While chairing negotiations to settle a new contract for our valued school teachers, the independent candidate running against Marion/Lazo for Township Committee not only failed to steer the Board of Education to settle the WTEA contract, but also jumped ship during negotiations, leaving his colleagues on the board in limbo. Clearly not the leadership we need to foster intelligent improvements in our community.

Moreover, while serving as a member of our Recreation Commission, this same independent candidate hid behind his "legal" interpretation that the Recreation Commission could not, and should not, take a stand on the issue of scheduling sporting events on two critical Jewish holidays, rendering a material portion of our children unable to participate with their team sporting events.

In short, we need to vote for progress.  We need to vote Mick Marion and George Lazo for Township Committee on Nov. 8th.

Gregg and Amy Novek

Patricia Zohn October 28, 2011 at 01:39 AM
As a long time attendee at Board of Education meetings, I would like to assure the authors of this letter (and the public), that the Board of Education is not, and never has been, "in limbo" over the negotiations with the WTEA. The Board is a body of nine members and no individual member has the ability to "steer" the negotiations to resolution. Additionally, "jumping ship" could imply that the independent candidate (oh, let's just use his name, shall we - Tony Sardis) would have continued as the head of negotiations into a new term. The committees on the Board are reconstituted annually. Tony Sardis did not resign from the Board. Tony Sardis did not "fail" in negotiations. Tony Sardis might not even have been on that committee this year if he had sought another term on the Board of Education. Whatever the hopes and wishes of the candidates for town committee, they do not have the authority to ensure or even effect the "continuous improvement in our school system to benefit our children and buoy property values for all homeowners." The quality of our school system and the negotiations with school unions are the responsibilities of the members of the Board of Education. Those are elected positions never held by, or sought by, Messrs. Marion and Lazo.
Sue October 28, 2011 at 03:23 PM
Let's be serious. Marion and Lazo's sole motive is to enhance the agenda of Pop Warner at the expense of all other town teams. Electing these two candidates will be a detriment to Hills lacrosse, Watchung Hills soccer, Junior Warriors, and Warren baseball. As usual, I am sure township funds will be directly funneled to support their team. -Sue
Richard Hertzberg October 29, 2011 at 05:46 AM
Like the authors of the letter, I am a member of the Jewish community and share their concern that Jewish children enjoy the same athletic opportunities as other children. I write because I have known Tony Sardis for many years and wish to clarify what may be an unintended suggestion that Tony is insensitive to issues important to the Jewish community. It's my understanding that the issue presented to the board was whether the board could mandate that a private organization observe a particular religious holiday. Consistent with the foundation upon which this country rests, the board could not legally direct that games be canceled to accomodate any particular religious celebration. This is not a new concept. Indeed, in this instance, I believe the board voted unanimously on this issue. I would not hesitate to join the writers in their criticism were it warranted. The Jewish community should speak up when there appears to be an issue impacting us. However, i know Tony is respectful of all religions and can state from personal experience that he will be sensitive to issues of significance to the Jewish community.
jack November 05, 2011 at 12:08 AM
Sue, 1) Lazo and a group of other dedicated Warren residents started WH Lacrosse from scratch about ten years ago. 2) Pop Warner is self funded. 3) Suggest you call Lazo or Marion to get the facts on how township and private athletic organizations are managed.
Bill November 06, 2011 at 03:40 PM
at Jack, PW is self funded as are all of the other sports leagues. Lazo and marion only volunteered because it beifeted their kids and their friends kids. The town spent your tax dollars to build that turf field, but no one else can use it but PW from July to December. That means soccer and Jr` warriors are shut out. PW only put money into the house and grass field of which they can only use. NO one else can use them, but PW. Even though our tax dollars paid for the turf field. True volunteers do not look to get anything from the work they do, but Lazo and marion only looked to protect their kids and their friends kids. That is just wrong and is fact ask anyone who was not one of the chosen few to run in there pack. Which accounts for 95% of their organizations they ran. Also the PW program is failing, all of the kids are going to Jr Warriors now, because of all of the BS. They ran a once proud organization into the ground and now because you benifeted from their favortism, you want others to allow them to run Warren. No way! Vote Sardis and lontai on 11/8/11
Heather Trumpore November 06, 2011 at 06:15 PM
I personally disagree with Sue's comment that electing Mick or George would be a detriment to all other township youth sports organizations. I have worked for many years as part of the spring sports field allocation. I haven't found Pop Warner overbearing or unreasonable. In fact when we needed to service an AED they graciously let us borrow one. Several years ago when we were running a fundraising tournament they helped us with the snack shack. This past week the Junior Field hockey had a game scheduled at WHRHS & Pop Warner was receptive about possible field availability for the girls. All four candidates have/had children youth sports organizations & understand we all need to work together. I have personally seen Pop Warner, Watchung Hills Soccer, Warren Basketball, Baseball, Junior Warriors, & Lacrosse organizations work together over the past few years In working with Pop Warner & the Township Administrator I have learned that the East County Reserve complex is built & maintained at no tax payer expense. Multiple youth sports organizations share in the turf upkeep. I believe over the years PW has had many fundraisers to continue the field improvements. The youth sports organizations don't receive money from the town. The only financial support they receive is the underwriting of the mandatory Rutgers SAFETY training for sports coaches. This letter is not in support of any particular candidate as I consider all 4 to be friends of mine.


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