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Can Detectives Crack the Case of the Stolen Grease?

Is a bio-fuel powered thief behind the missing oil?

Solving crimes often isn't an easy matter, even with today's high-tech crime fighting tools. Detectives are often left searching for an answer to the most fundamental question of a crime: what was the motive?

Answer that, and you may have taken a big step towards identifying suspects. 

For example, suppose someone stole a barrel filled with used cooking oil—as a Mountan Boulevard business reported someone did Wednesday at about 3 p.m. You might ask yourself, why?

"We are still trying to determine what they are using it for," Warren Police Capt. Robert Glen said. He added other departments in the area have also been investigating such thefts.

The only theory police have currently is the estimated $200 the barrel..and/or grease...is believed to be worth. We wonder where?

Could environmentally-concerned thieves be stealing the oil to fuel their bio-fuel powered getaway car? Is someone planning to open a bad restaurant nearby?

And when the culprit is found, will it be hard to make the charges stick?





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