Sandy Smashes Through Warren

Few areas untouched by wind damage.

Angus Lane resident Ana Maria Silva woke up to find a power line draped across her driveway and trees toppled. Jane Noble reports three large trees near her Mundy Lane home down.

Surely, nearly everyone in Warren discovered downed trees and power lines in or near their yards this morning.

Police are trying to keep residents off the roads—while many are passable, few are safely so. Vehicles driving under wires or broken trees are at risk, and a sudden wind could cause the broken tree to fall.

Mt. Horeb Road is blocked in several places, while Mt. Bethel Road is blocked near Our Lady of the Mount Church. Mountain Boulevard is open to the Watchung Circle, where travel north on Stirling or south to Route 22 is possible.

Which is probably fine: there's no reason to go to Route 22 as all power along the road is out.

Warren does have power in one area: the Pheasant Run Shopping Center has power, and the A&P, Walgreen's and Trattoria La Strada are enjoying brisk business.

Morning Glory Road is passable, though just barely. 

Lisa Calicchio October 31, 2012 at 10:53 AM
Our block of Red Hill Road was decimated. Two houses across from each other completely crushed and are unlivable? We got off "lucky" that only the back and roof of our kitchen was destroyed.


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