UPDATE: Christie: 'I Will Call The Attorney General' About Crime In New Brunswick

Governor Christie told the mother of a Rutgers University student Tuesday that he will call the state's attorney general and decide whether more needs to be done regarding recent incidents of crime in New Brunswick.

Christie, appearing at a town hall in South River, was responding to a question from Jacqui Klein of Middletown, whose daughter is a Rutgers student. Klein had expressed concern about what she believes is a lack of communication regarding these incidents.

"I will call the attorney general [John Hoffman] and speak to him about the situation in New Brunswick and about this crime, and get his advice and his help with what’s going on in New Brunswick and on the Rutgers campus," he told the gathering of about 400 people.

"If he believes that there needs to be an expansion of the authority of the Rutgers police, then that's something I will support," Christie added.

Klein's family was shaken by the recent murder of a former Rutgers student, a 22-year-old Kean University student who was found in the backyard of a city residence after he apparently had been fatally beaten. 

William R. McCaw, 22, a native of Hillsborough whose family later moved to Gallatin, Tenn., was found outside the home on Hartwell Street after an unidentified neighbor called police on Feb. 15 at 10:26 a.m., according to Middlesex County Acting Prosecutor Andrew C. Carey and Anthony A. Caputo, director of the New Brunswick Police Department. 

"As a father who's getting ready to send his oldest daughter to college next year, this is something on the front of my mind right now," Christie said, referring to the prospect of his daughter being on her own. 

New Brunswick police have also asked for help in seeking a suspect who allegedly sexually assaulted a 24-year-old Rutgers student in January. 

TK March 20, 2014 at 02:12 PM
As usual, Christie is grand standing, twisting the facts for his benefit, and campaigning for 2016. In order for him to compel the attorney general to "expand the police powers" of Rutgers PD, one would have to give them powers that no other police department has. They are a state accredited agency and have all the same police powers state wide-as does ANY certified police officer, on or off duty- to apprehend and arrest any criminal that any other police department has. There is no difference in New Brunswick. The only thing they don't have carte blanche in the city is in writing tickets off campus. As far as the rampant crime, it would be nice if the university were to give their students a short course in paying attention to their surroundings (not playing with their cell phones, walking along unfamiliar streets late at night behaving like this is hometown, USA, avoiding recreational drug involvement - oh, no, THAT never happens-, avoiding getting so drunk that they are incapable of helping themselves, then wandering the streets, etc. While some are genuinely innocent bystanders who get victimized, some are not. This fact is blatantly omitted by many politicians trying to pump up their numbers and get the voting public heated up without having all information , as are many pertinent facts when they are campaigning-officially or unofficially. And so, our wonderful governor is once again padding his voting public by giving something that never was his to give, nor is is necessary for him to attempt to give it as it already exists in the RUPD.
Fedup American April 13, 2014 at 07:52 AM
Maybe he can call Eric Holder . Eric Holder can come in and sell some guns to the drug cartels in New Jersey.


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