Somerset GOP Celebrates Wins, Leads

With some races still too close to call, county Republicans got together at the Somerville Elks Club.

Somerset County Republicans came together Tuesday night at the Somerville Elks Club to celebrate election day and the end of their campaigns.

For some, like District 7 Congressman Leonard Lance (R), the vote margin by the end of the night was large enough for multiple reports to call the election in his favor.

For others, like incumbent Freeholders Patrick Scaglione and Mark Caliguire, as well as District 16 Assemblywoman Donna Simon, their slim leads coupled with provisional and fax or email ballots still to be counted, the victories were still not stamped Tuesday evening.

However, each candidate celebrated what they believed to be victories with each other at the Elks Club.

"We need to work together in a bi-partisan manor to solve our problems,"Lance said Tuesday night. "I will keep the principals of fiscal responsibility in the forefront."

A photo gallery of the celebration appears above this article.

Gary November 07, 2012 at 06:18 PM
My congratulations the a party that hires legal council to contest same day voter registration in the state of NJ. Kudos to Councilman Matthew Moensch for being able to cite Appellate Court precedence to ensure an 18 year old, who tried to follow the process as a first time voter, has their vote suppressed. The Somerset County GOP should take great pride in the fact their bevy of legal council represented them well in helping to stymie people's desire to vote. It was enjoyable experience to see first hand how the GOP leverages law to help ensure people don't vote. I realize there must be a tremendous amount of 18 year olds, who opt to personally go in front of judge on voting day and fraudulently represent their true identity, with the appropriate counterfiet documentation, and purjure themselves just for the sake of voting. As a party you truly must be proud of your accomplishments the tactics used to achieve them.
BradleyBoy November 08, 2012 at 01:26 PM
There is a difference between having one's vote "suppressed" and having a Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey finding that one has no legal right to vote because you didn't register to vote, don't live in Somerset County or are otherwise ineligible to vote. Both parties had legal counsel present in Court, all day, to handle challenges. I guess that even the Democratic lawyer could not find a plausible explanation as to why that 18 year old should have been able to vote. We should all be proud that the legal process worked and should encourage that 18 year old to register properly. The Democratic lawyer should have explained how. Did he?
Gary November 08, 2012 at 03:56 PM
First, I did not in any way indicate the GOP was not fully in the right to contest the appeal. Second, I didn't indicate what Superior Court judge ruled (for the record he issued court order to allow for provisional voting; albeit moot since clearly there is Appeallate ruling on the matter which will nullify her provisional vote). Third, "democrats" did not represent my child; the Attorney General's office did (as they did in all cases) in support of the Board of Elections. Finally, and most importantly, it was the GOP and only the GOP that contested every voter that came in front of the judge. As to your comment regarding my 18 year old's ability to function in society. She went by herself, with appropriate point documentation, as directed by the State of NJ to get a non-Provisional driver's license. She was specifically asked by the DMV if she 1) wanted to vote~which she acknowledged and 2) what party affilation she wanted~to which she said none. Now, you are correct, mea culpa for not questioning her further when she indicated that not only did she get licensed, she registered to vote. But to infer that somehow she is ignorant, uneducated, unwilling or otherwise incapable of functioning; you are sorely mistaken. You should be so proud of yourself for your insight and knowledge on this matter.
BradleyBoy November 09, 2012 at 03:28 AM
The National Voter Regsitration Act of 1993 (NVRA) became law on January 1, 1995. Known as the “Motor Voter” law, it is intended to increase the number of citizens who register to vote, increase voter participation, and protect the integrity of the electoral process. The law established a variety of mechanisms to make it easier for Americans to exercise their right to vote. The New Jersey "Motor Voter" law requires that individuals be given an opportunity to register to vote or to update their voter registration information when applying for a driver’s license or other personal identification issued by a Motor Vehicle Commission Agency. An opportunity. That means they are offered a voter registration form. They still have to fill it out and turn it in. Ignorance of the law is no excuse and would not have warranted allowing your adult "child" to vote any other way than provisionally. If your kid registered, the provisional ballot will count. Good for the GOP putting people to their proofs. Voting is a right that should be guarded zealously.
Gary November 09, 2012 at 11:13 AM
Keep up the good fight. It's people like you and thoughts like yours that will serve the GOP well into the future as indicated by the recent elections.


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