Air Quality Gets Tested in Warren Schools

There are all kinds of tests in Warren schools — including those for air quality.

Tyler Tribelhorn, supervisor of buildings and grounds in Warren schools, with Mount Horeb school nurse. By Kevin Potter
Tyler Tribelhorn, supervisor of buildings and grounds in Warren schools, with Mount Horeb school nurse. By Kevin Potter
Information and photos courtesy of Warren Township schools

There's all kinds of testing going in Warren schools, and not just for students. 

Thanks to Tyler Tribelhorn, the supervisor of buildings and grounds, the air quality in Warren's schools also must make the grade in tests that he conducts within school buildings on a regular basis. 

Tribelhorn, a Warren Township Schools staff member for 21 years, makes periodic checks of air quality in each of the buildings, using the same model air analyzer that the State of New Jersey uses to analyze air quality.

Tribelhorn has long shown his dedication to the district's children, with the connection between buildings and health always in the forefront of his mind, according to the school district.

How did this all begin?

The State of New Jersey provides various training seminars and the Warren Board of Education supports staff participation. Tribelhorn recently attended this year's workshop on indoor air quality, in compliance with a state requirement, where he gained a wealth of knowledge to help ensure the health and safety of students and staff alike. 

Tribelhorn said he believes that attending valuable training courses allows him to learn of any advancements in technology, as well as whether or not any standards have been updated. 

He said he then brings back the training to his maintenance team with the goal of being one step ahead, and proactive rather than reactive in steps taken.

About seven years ago, Tribelhorn researched tools and presented a request to the school Business Administrator to purchase the air analyzer devices he needed.

With the support of the Board of Education, he obtained those devices, which he since uses to do periodic air quality checks in all district buildings, making sure the testing area is an occupied room. 

Tribelhorn explained that to do proper testing, he must read the level of CO2 exhaled from occupants, which he then compares to the CO2 outside.  

If he finds any problems, Tribelhorn turns to his maintenance staff whom he trusts will address them immediately. 

It is critical for air quality in the schools that all mechanicals, such as heating and cooling/ventilation systems, are functioning properly, Tribelhorn said.

Tribelhorn’s visits to the schools provides real world lessons as well. Recently, once he entered Mrs. Beekman’s kindergarten class at the Woodland School, students encircled him as they were fascinated by the device.

A brief question and answer session followed, and he demonstrated how it worked while gaining the crucial information needed. Additionally, other staff, in particular nurses, have taken available training which benefits the school community. 

The effort to maintain air quality has developed a team approach, with the goal being the healthiest and safest learning environment possible for all Warren students.

This week, Doris Zanchelli, school nurse, accompanied Tribelhorn thoroughout the Mount Horeb School building to sample air quality.

Tribelhorn said he values creating partnerships. He stated, “I have found staying in touch with school nurses gives me a good idea of the pulse of the buildings’ health, pun intended.” 


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