Middle-Schoolers Heading to High School Math Class

Twelve Warren students will join WHRHS' Geometry class

Twelve students will be taking on high school geometry this year, part of a class of 38 students from 's sending districts enrolled in the class.  

The students qualified for the program by completing a first year of high school algebra, having high marks in their end-of-the-year tests and acceptance from the high school's math department supervisor, Michael D'Alessio.   

"These students come up from the lower schools for the 'Geo H' class," Watchung Hills Superintendent Francis Stromsland said. "Some of these students will end up in our most advanced math class, which is 'Multi-variable calculus.'"
Dr. Stromsland said the high school has made the class available to the high-achieving middle-schoolers since about the 1980s.
"This has been a long-standing tradition here," she added.

Warren's 12 students is a typical enrolllment for the district, Warren Superintendent Tami Crader said, while Watchung's  boasts 17 students attending. 

"We had a very unusual group of students," Watchung Superintendent Barbara Resko said.

"They're very capable and interested students—especially in the area of mathematics," Dr. Stromsland said.


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