New System Shows Big Savings at Watchung Hills Regional

School's first month with new software yields $20,000 savings in energy costs.

While many area residents swelterd their way through July and saw markedly higher power bills for it, Watchung Hills Regional enjoyed a cool $20,000 savings during the month.

The savings has been attributed to a new software system installed at the school that allows for fine-tuning the HVAC systems at the school.

The system by Trivium enables WHRHS Buildings and Grounds Director of Operations Roland Juliano control individual units, turning them on and off as needed. Before the installation of the new system, the systems couldn't be zoned efficiently—only large sections of the school could be controlled. 

School officials discussed the savings at the Sept. 6 meeting, and said it's too soon to know if the savings will be typical since the school has the least use in July. But if savings are realized for August, watch for a big announcement.

Board members also weren't certain of the exact reason for the savings: whether due to reduced use at peak rates, reduced peak consumption (i.e., the school pays a premium for gulping large amounts of power at once, which can happen when a number of air conditioning units go on simultaneously; by staggering the power up, the peak consumption is reduced), or by reduced rates achieved through  joined. 


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