Poll: Should the School Board Restrict What's Served on Food Days?

Board seeking information on what parents think is the right balance for school meals.

The conducted its annual review of the district's nutrition policy at Monday's meeting, engaging in a lengthy discussion of the notable exceptions to the nutrition policy: Food Days and classroom celebrations.

The discussion touches on many key issues for parents: how can we be assured kids are eating properly when in schools? How do the school PTOs select and organize the meals offered?

The board plans to collect some additional information about the programs and celebrations but is almost certain to return to the issue in the coming months.

We wondered what readers made of the discussion—do you think the board needs to be more restrictive with the Food Day offerings, which include fast food vendors menus?

Do you think it's a conficting message for students to be one taught not to eat foods that are regularly offered at lunchtime?

Or do you think there's little harm in allowing parents to order such foods for their kids?

Take our poll and add your comments below. 

LB July 20, 2012 at 03:14 PM
Yes, parents have the right to feed their children with what they deem is appropriate. However, it is rather contradictory and hypocritical that the PTO offers FOOD DAY selections that include fries and chicken nuggets (also fried). While some healthier choices are available, promoting these other items is perhaps not the best way for the PTO to raise funds.
JAN July 21, 2012 at 04:19 AM
Food days is an extremely convenient tool for parents. But when are pancakes and hash browns considered lunch? There are some days where no healthy options exist and those are the days we should focus on replacing.


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