Watchung Hills Pre-Schoolers Get Fire Safety Lessons

Mt. Horeb company's volunteers include high school students.

Although it was hard to ignore the blinking lights of the fire truck parked outside, the youngest members of Watchung Hills Regional High School listened attentively and responded enthusiastically to the questions posed by Fire Chief David Dante, of Warren Township’s Mt. Horeb Fire Company.

Equipped with authentic-looking yellow fire-fighters´ helmets, the pre-school class of Julie Jaran learned how to react when and if they smelled smoke in their homes during an important lesson on Oct. 17.

One piece of advice was sure to be remembered: “If you smell smoke, throw your toys out of the window. That’s how we will know where you are and come and rescue you,” Chief Dante said. “And don’t worry about your pets—they’re smart enough to get out of the house themselves.”

Chief Dante was accompanied by Lisa Carracino, president of Mt. Horeb’s Ladies Auxiliary, and Hills students George Dante and Marcus Soos, who were suited up for the demonstration—later taking off their equipment to show the pre-schoolers that they were ordinary teen-agers.

"We visit the kindergarten, pre-school and first-grade classes of all elementary schools in Warren Township every year during Fire Prevention Week," Dante said. "Kids are never too young to learn about basic fire safety."

Parents were urged to read the colorful fire safety /prevention booklet with their children. They should also devise a fire escape plan and conduct family fire drills twice a year.



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