WHRHS Bullying Report: 32 Investigations; Two Cases

Superintendent Frances Stromsland provides first mid-year report.

New Jersey's newly-implemented Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying law requires schools report on investigations twice each year, and at Thursday's Watchung Hills Regional Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Frances Stromsland made her first mid-year report.

"In terms of investigations at our school, we conducted aproximately 34  investigations of potential HIB cases," Dr. Stromlsand said."These investigations have involved aproximately 100 students."

Ultimately, just two of the cases rose to level requiring action under the HIB rules, she added. In the two cases—for which details are not provided—parents were contacted as part of the resolution of the cases.

Dr. Stromsland said she believes that the number of incidents being reported is "levelling off," after some intial over-reporting as teachers and school staff became more familiar with the HIB provisions.

She also detailed a number of programs at the school which she said help to students to "be considerate and respectful, and to understand various points of view, even though they may be different from our own."

As for the two cases of bullying, Dr. Stromsland said she woud "hope that would get to zero sometime."

"We continue to work towards that," she said.


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