Heading into the Final Week of Training for 5K

Effort to help Keeping Babies Safe is paying off.

Deciding to join the Sept. 23 Keeping Babies Safe 5K gave me the motivation I needed to get back running regularly, and I hope its done the same for others.

This week, I've been able to start focusing on pushing ahead, training on the hilly terrain at Hillsborough's in preparation for the event at Harry Dunham Park in Basking Ridge.   

Whether it's due to my previous efforts, some new shoes (K-Swiss Tubes!), new stretches or the breathing techniques I learned from, I was able to run three miles without cramps, breathing problems or other issues that had been holding me back.

That means I'm feeling ready for the 5K...

And according to , plenty of others are ready for the run.

The annual event is one of the biggest fundraisers for Keeping Babies Safe, helping to fund their outreach programs as well as efforts to protect newborns and infants by providing safe cribs to hospitals and day cares.

You can help, too—sign up to participate in the event. If you need a team to join, join me on the "Patch Parents" team and we'll help Keep Babies Safe. 


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