Mt. Horeb Students Present Fundraising Total to Goldsteins

As Warren's fundraising for The Valerie Fund heads into June, students continue to help.

On May 25th, thanks to the generous efforts of more than 280 students and their families, a giant check for $2,400 was presented to Sue and Ed Goldstein, the founders of The Valerie Fund.

The oversized check matched the enthusiasm of the Mt. Horeb students, and other schools in Warren who collectively raised $40,000 for The Valerie Fund, a not-for-profit organization that provides support for the comprehensive health care of children with cancer and blood disorders.

The schools’ initiative was part of Mayor Carolann Garafola’s declaration of May as Warren Township Valerie Fund Pride Month. Through the collaborative efforts of the public schools, churches, civic organizations and town merchants, the campaign is more than halfway to their goal of raising $100,000.

The response to this community wide endeavor has been so enthusiastic that Mayor Garafola has extended it through the month of June. Commenting on the activities of the past month, she said, “This campaign has brought our community together in so many ways and reflects the enthusiasm of parents, children and residents of Warren. Thank you to The Valerie Fund staff for this opportunity."

Upcoming events include:


The Valerie Fund was established in 1976 in memory of Valerie Goldstein. Families turn to The Valerie Fund because of the combination of medical care, counseling, and other services it provides.  The Valerie Fund Children’s Centers comprise the largest network of healthcare facilities for children with cancer and blood disorders in New Jersey, and one of the largest in the nation.  There are seven Valerie Fund Children’s Centers providing caring, comprehensive, state-of-the-art outpatient health care to more than 5,000 children and their families each year.  Patients receive far more than treatment for their physical illnesses.  Our philosophy is that to truly heal the children with whose care we are entrusted, we must treat them emotionally, socially, and developmentally, as well as medically.

As the second month of the campaign begins, Mayor Garafola reflects on what this all means to her personally.

“As a cancer survivor myself at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital, I never forgot the children I saw under treatment there," she said. "The fact that The Valerie Fund has brought services to our children here in New Jersey is of significant importance and speaks to the commitment of the Goldstein Family.”

To make a donation to the campaign in June or throughout the year go to www.thevaleriefund.org

If you are a business that wishes to show your support for our effort and want to get involved please contact Bunny Flanders, Director of Communication at 973.761.0422 orbflanders@thevaleriefund.org

Submitted by Bunny Flanders 


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